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How to unblock Facebook.com

Unblock Facebook.com from anywhere, unblock Facebook.com videos, bypass Facebook.com blocks, access Facebook.com website. If you can't open Facebook.com on your web browser, then probably Facebook.com is blocked in your network, either by ISP restrictions or web filters. To unblock Facebook.com website you just need to buy HideMyAss VPN proxy, install the VPN software, select an IP address located in a different country (for example "USA - Washington") and that's it. Use the VPN to unblock websites and encrypt your network traffic.

UNBLOCK Facebook.com

  Step 1: Register a VPN account

The first step to unblock Facebook.com is that you sign up for HideMyAss VPN, it will cost you a few bucks per month (less than $10) and you can easily pay with PayPal or Bitcoin, it will only take a few seconds. HMA VPN is the most popular VPN service on the market and it is used by thousands of Internet users to unblock Facebook.com site, bypass ISP restrictions, access blocked domain names, secure public WiFi hotspots, and encrypt network traffic. Trust me, you will be more than happy with HMA VPN service, we use it from years and it just works!


  Step 2: Install the VPN software

After you sign up with the VPN, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to login to your VPN account, from where you can download the VPN software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone or Android. The download should take only a few seconds to complete, the setup file is very small. On Windows OS it is important you run the setup file with Administrative privileges, you just need to right-click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator". You can watch the video below for a video tutorial on how to use the VPN software.

  Step 3: Connect to the VPN

After you have successfully installed the VPN software, run the application and insert your username and password. Then select a custom country, like "USA - Virginia", from the drop down list of the locations, and then click on "Connect to VPN" button. Congratulations, your Internet traffic is now fully encrypted within the VPN and you can browse Facebook.com without problems. You can check what is your current IP address to verify that your IP address is changed. Below you can view a screenshot of the VPN software application for Windows.

HMA VPN Connected

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